Traveling to Myanmar

I came closer to realizing my dream of collecting fishes in Myanmar when, in the fall of 1995, I went to work at the American Museum of Natural History in New York for a year. At that time you could obtain only a two-week visa for travel to Myanmar, and I spent my first week in the capital, Yangon, waiting for permits. During the second week, I was able to travel around a little. But the wait in Yangon did have a positive side.


My Myanmar

An approved outline planning consent will already include a location plan. This will show the full extent of the plot boundaries and relationship with other neighbouring properties. If it’s to build a single home in a conservation area or world heritage site, or part of a major development of 10 houses or more, it will also be accompanied by a design and access statement (DAS). This gives the background rationale for why and how the new building will evolve and, quite often, a street scene indicating its proposed new shape and mass. The outline permission will last for a period of three years during which time you will be required to submit what is called a reserved matters application.


Spring 2003

Replacement dwellings generally follow a different route. There is little to be gained from submitting an application for outline consent as, on the basis that the building you intend to replace is still ‘habitable’, you already have residential rights over the land in question.

In these circumstances the usual process would be to submit a full (detailed) planning application for which there will be different levels of guidance provided by your planning authority. We see many examples of single buildings making way for new multiple units of all different types, from apartments to terraced and semi-detached homes. What’s more, there are also copious examples of small single buildings being replaced by much larger ones.